Place to B / Cop 21 . Programme au Belushi’s Gare du Nord aujourd’hui



B753717798G.jpgTODAY, Place to B is wondering about :
What is the role of technology in changing the world?
>> We need to scale up decarbonisation with major Research, Development, Demonstration and Diffusion efforts (RDD&D) to develop low-carbon technologies and ensure their availability and affordability.

>> 9 a.m : The Creative Factory is going on with a new topic : The Balm of nature : re-connecting with the wonder and healing power of the natural world. (more info :
>> 10 a.m to 12 a.m : our partner Scneider Electric organize a meeting with social entrepreneurs, NGOs, the International Energy Agency… in order to find out new solutions and vision about access to energy in Africa (free admission but limited seating).
>> 1 a.m : Live radio with Stéphane Paoli from the French radio France Inter / interview with : Claude LORIUS, Luc Jacquet, Samuel FELLER, Maxime RICHÉ (live streamed ▶
>> 2 p.m to 4:30 p.m : DATA for climate : A start up, an NGO, scientists and a data journalists showcase their environmental data visualization (live streamed ▶
>> 6 p.m. to 8 p.m : Place to Brief, the Place to B’s TV show, live streamed by Glowbl on with speakers : Philippe Bihouix, Cédric Carles, Sophie Chappelle, Guy-Philippe Goldstein, Benjamin Tincq (live streamed ▶
>> 9 p.m to midnight : Screening of short films directed by African children in view of showcasing answers to local challenges, followed by a live music session (more info :

Please if you have any content you would like to share with us, feel free to send it at (articles, photos, links, texts… anything 🙂 )
Two new workshops at the Creative Factory are open to registration (Click here) !!
For those who are staying here at the youth hostel, please remember that today is the cleaning day! Please pur your personal effects in your locker, as indicated in the Room directory 🙂